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Are you interested in learning an African language, but don’t know where to start? We are building a free platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer you a personalized learning experience rooted in the treasures of African cultural heritages. Join our waitlist today to get early access and explore African languages now with our translator.

Why we are building Vutuka

Lack of online resources to learn African languages effectively

Limited availability and sparse content

Lack of interactivity and cultural context.
Reconnect Africa and its Diaspora to their ancestral roots and heritages

Provide an iterative space where you can reconnect to African people, countries, and cultures through languages

Preserve African Languages, cultural diversity, and heritage

Every two weeks, a language dies, according to UNESCO

Africa has over 2000 languages, each with its own story and expression, but they are at risk of extinction
Provide and support free education to all through African languages

Education is the key to preserve and promote a language in society

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Vutuka Translator

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